The Internal And External Alternatives

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The alternatives of creating an internal function or using external services are not mutually exclusive, and except in cases where a firm chooses to rely entirely on external services, the proper mix of the two is that most likely to prove rewarding. There are parallels here with the other professional services which firms from time to time require and which are outside the main streams of their operations. Legal, patent and insurance departments, for example, commonly maintain continuing working relationships with their private counterparts. Perhaps marketing research is still too young for its inherent characteristics to be fully comprehended, but whereas it would be unusual for a solicitor within an industrial company to assume that he could look after that firm's total legal requirements without external assistance, it is still common for market researchers in industry to believe that they can handle all assignments and never require assistance from outside. Perhaps there is some failure to appreciate the distinction between the kind of specialist service which can be built up internally, scope and extent of services available from SEO Agencies whose continued existence depends on their operation as cohesive production units.

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