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Special considerations

Even when an in-company capability has been established there is a variety of reasons why external support must occasionally be considered. Sometimes the workload of the established department is such that it cannot handle a new assignment for which time is of the essence. Occasionally workloads can be rearranged and scheduling extended to permit high priority being given to new and urgent requirements, but in many cases this would mean displacing research that was itself urgent. Here an internal function that establishes a smooth working relationship with an outside agency is most fortunately placed in relation to its prime aim which is to serve management in a timely fashion.

There are other instances where even when the internal workload permits, there must be recourse to outside services. When it is imperative that a firm's identity should not be revealed during the course of a protect it is inadvisable for it to attempt to undertake fieldwork itself. Its own staff cannot be sent into the field with an instruction to refuse to reveal the identity of their employer, nor must they ever be permitted to assume false or misleading identities. In contrast a research consultant, or an agency, can ethically refuse to reveal the identity of the client, and the choice of cooperation then rests entirely with the respondent.

There are no reasons for assuming that consultants or agency staff are less human than researchers employed in industry, and thus theoretically there should be no difference in the degree of objectivity attainable by both. For the most part, however, internal researchers are appreciably more involved in the day-to-day problems of the firm and may, dependent on the status of the research function within the firm, be liable to bias. When maximum objectivity is crucial, a marginal case can be made for preferring external services.

Sometimes, too, specialist skills are needed for the successful execution of research. These can range from mechanical skills, such as those necessary for the proper acquisition, handling and processing of large quantities of data, through those of the kind needed for motivational research, marketing research with a high operational research content, and the like. Again a firm may be seeking a depth study of a homogeneous market new to it, and here specialist services available from an agency with a history of successful research over an appreciable period in the specified market can ease the problem appreciably. In cases of this kind, it is usually uneconomic for manufacturing firms to build up their own specialist resources. Moreover, the need for them is usually infrequent.

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