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Making a short list of SEO Agencies

Over the last decade many firms have progressed from a total lack of awareness of any research requirement to a stage where, having made the decision as to the best method of coping with their needs, the most difficult remaining problem is how to select from the various research services available.

Through time, buying research must become a professional skill matching other industrial purchasing skills, but its importance and its necessary quality are perhaps still insufficiently appreciated. It is always more difficult to buy services than products because the latter can be specified so much more precisely, and often in quantifiable terms. Perhaps buying research services has most in common with placing orders for products only just into development and not yet in production: the end products on offer cannot be prejudged.

Once there has been successful and satisfying purchase of research services, the problem is immeasurably eased for the future. There should be nothing capricious in buying any professional service. There is little sense in change only for the sake of change - such attitudes are best left for hats and back-chat. These maxims do not, however, help the sponsor buying research for the first time, and his first task is to check all the available services which have prima fade suitability.

Somewhat at variance with the usual objective attitude recommended for all aspects of research, subjective judgements made by others often provide the best first indicators. Diligent enquiry will reveal business associates with research buying experience, and some of these will be prepared to comment frankly on their experiences, whether these be good or ill. Market research departments of other firms are usually willing to offer advice, and here the calibre of the market research department is the best guide as to whether or not such advice can be relied upon. Such professional bodies as banks, and trade and research associations are often also well placed in this context. Members of professional organisations like the Institute of Marketing and the British Institute of Management have access to lists of research services which have been compiled with appreciable care and with some investigation of the merits of these services before they are deemed to warrant inclusion in the lists.

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