Selling Through Visits From The Uk

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Selling through visits from the UK

The nature of the product, the market and the distribution system must be taken into account before making decisions on the best way to sell. Where, as often happens in the industrial field, business is based on a comparatively small number of customers each placing large orders; where markets are geographically approachable, and in cases where products are tailor-made to each order, there are advantages to both buyer and seller in direct contacts. In particular, where the value of each contact is high, the cost of visits may well be less than an agent's commission, and the technical problems involved mean that the principal will have to be called in sooner or later anyway. Thus the Warwick firm of 111W Engineering Ltd. sells hinges directly into the German motor industry. Managing Director Harold Tomlinson calls personally on the small number of really large potential customers. And because German car makers call in the hinge manufacturer at the design stage, once a sale is made, the business is sure to last for several years ahead.

Direct selling by visits from the UK can also be the right way in the consumer field if a few large chains buying centrally represent the bulk of the market. But the drawbacks must be clearly faced; such customers will expect a visitor from the manufacturer's home base to be a fairly senior executive, and this may well prove too demanding on his time and energy. It does mean too that the executive making only occasional visits takes much longer to become truly familiar with the market - and this can cause mistakes.

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