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Other users: exploit potential of other uses

A screen was devised to assess the market appeal of the different options and their suitability for the company implement. Some of the factors considered in the screen were:

(a) Long-term prospects

(b) Long-term security

(c) Short-term gains

(d) Investment needs

(e) Danger of losing existing users

(f) Fit with company facilities and skills

(g) Fit with existing company image

Three actions came out as particularly attractive and these were in the areas of taste, packaging, and pricing policy. A revitalization programme was devised to implement the different actions independently so that their effect could be measured. First indications from controlled tests are very hopeful showing a lift in interest in the product for the first time. For longer term development, the study also produced ideas for line extensions capitalizing on "other use" potential of the product. It also threw up other new products capitalizing on the brand name and moving it to a more modern franchise for the future.

Faced with a declining profit situation and yet finding it difficult to introduce substantial new products quickly enough to offset this decline, the revitalization programme creates the opportunity to recapture lost sales at a relatively low investment risk.

The management has appreciated the benefits of this more systematic approach to reviving products. To quote the marketing director: "We spend a lot of time improving distribution penetration, stock cover and consumer offtake, and have invested in market research and testing advertising. Without doing these things consistently over the years there is no doubt that the brand would have been beyond saving long ago. But this, to us, rather unusual way of looking at familiar problems has opened up ideas for redevelopment which I don't think we can be blamed for missing by the more conventional way of reviewing tactics for the brand."

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