Style Improvements

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Style improvements.

This aims at improving the aesthetic appeal of the product, rather than its functional performance. In certain classes of goods it may be the critical factor governing the buyer's choice, and excellent styling may even outweigh some functional disadvantages. For example, very fine glassware needs to be handled with extreme care (one disadvantage), and it is expensive (another disadvantage), but it appeals to our sense of fashion or taste.

Colour, shape and texture are the three most common variables when developing style improvements. In repeat purchase markets, style improvements may be limited to packaging or pack design. Nearly all buyers, including those in industrial companies, respond to good, clear presentation. Even when tendering for contracts, companies using glossy presentations have been known to edge out bids from companies that present themselves poorly.

Style improvements need not be exclusive of other product improvements. And they can often be introduced with little additional expense at the development stage, provided thought and care is devoted to the problem.

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