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Internet marketing takes on many variations these days - but money can still be made on the internet.

Internet marketing is more than just having a website sitting in cyberspace. Like all forms of marketing you need to get people to know about your site. You can get free visitors from the search engines, use pay per click or banner advertising on other peoples' websites or use offline print methods like newspapers, brochures and flyers.

Additionally, if you have real products for sale on your website, you can set up an affiliate scheme. This is like having a small army of sales people working on your behalf by sending qualified visitors directly to your site. They then earn a commission on each sale you make from the visitors they send you.

Internet marketing Basics

The first thing you need to think about is getting targeted visitors to your site. Check out the search engine optimisation and webmaster tools pages. These will show you how many people are searching for your terms on a daily basis and how to optimise your website for those terms.

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