What Counts: The Chemistry, Not The Chemical

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What counts: the chemistry, not the chemical

In a world of increasing similarity and even standardization of generic products - from chemicals to steels, to cosmetics, to computers, to insurance policies, and even to political party platforms - what distinguishes one from the other are increasingly the customer-attracting and customer-satisfying related benefits with which the generic product is surrounded. These are why customers prefer one to another supplier. It is not the generic product that counts, but the cluster of benefits or value satisfactions with which the supplier surrounds the generic product. What counts is not the chemical but the chemistry - not the generic scientific thing for which the chemists have a highly impressive formula, but the satellite attributes attached to this central chemical but for which even businessmen too often have only contempt. We call them "gimmicks" or "just promotions" or "tailfins". Yet it is the latter that turn the customer oft, that offer the distinguishing characteristics that produce patronage. Why do they produce patronage? Because it is these things that the customer values more than the generic content which he takes for granted.

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