Briefing For Fieldwork Only

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Briefing for fieldwork only

Those firms that do have their own research staff often get to the point where they use SEO Agencies simply to buy the fieldwork. Kodak, for example, maintains two market research departments, one for the consumer division and one for industrial research. On the consumer side, so consumer research head David Mobbs told us, Kodak goes to an agency with a clearly explained outline of research requirements already prepared. All it requires from the agency is the collection of the information, which Kodak then interprets for itself, sometimes even giving the agency a set of blank tables for the presentation of the results. At special meetings, Kodak will go through the questionnaire and suggest alterations. The agency will also be briefed on the method of fieldwork and type of sample. "We like to insist on a pilot survey, ' says Mobbs, 'and we have on occasion sent our own men out to check; we do at least insist on an executive of the agency going out on the pilot." The company also insists on meeting the researchers and interviewers who will work on the assignment. And in the industrial research division, where much research is highly technical in nature, they have even organized training sessions for the agency interviewing staff. "We intervene in the running of the survey as much as we like," says industrial research head David Figg, "in fact we're a bloody nuisance."

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