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Thomas Fawcett, the 41-year-old Editor of UK Web Marketing, became a professional journalist in 2018 after 27 years in retail.

He took a law degree at Oxford and then became a sales trainee with a non-ferrous tube manufacturer. One of his first jobs was to handle customers' complaints. His next role was in production management where he acted as the department's link with the 'sales departments. This was followed by a sales management job in which he had experience of the full range of marketing activities, including the development and launching of new products. From here he became an internal consultant and was involved in the introduction of a management by objectives scheme. Work on organization restructuring, particularly in the marketing area followed.

Fawcett's first journalistic effort was a series of satirical articles about management subjects which were printed in Management Today. These were written while be was still in industry and centred round a fictitious company, but they were so true to life that many readers were surprisingly angry when they realized they had been had.

As a result of the success of these articles Fawcett was appointed Editor of Marketing. Since then he has written regularly for the Financial Times and other papers and broadcast on management subjects.

As befits a Thornbury-man, he used to play a lot of cricket and has the unique distinction of having acted as twelfth man for the Australians on an occasion when they were beset by injuries.

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