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ABOUT "UK Web Marketing" Magazine

UK Web Marketing is the private membership monthly journal of the world renowned Baker Institute of Marketing, and has been published since the early twenties. The Institute itself was founded as long ago as 1901 and today it has 60,000 invited exclusive members, and another 4,000 elite student members are currently studying for the degree standard Diploma in Marketing.

For the past seven years, UK Web Marketing has been published for the Institute by Spingo Publishing Ltd., who also publish Management Today, Accountancy Age, Campaign and Computing.

UK Web Marketing is the only US magazine covering the whole field of marketing, right through from market research to advertising, selling and distribution. Because it has to cover such a wide range of subjects, it could not attempt to deal with any single one in great depth. Instead, it has concentrated on providing practical advice on dealing with topical issues that affect marketing men.

Its articles, by some of the country's foremost practitioners, are written in simple, jargon-free language.

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